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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easy to Make Scrapbook Layout for Thursday, April 7, 2011

As I continue making my daughter's scrapbook, I find that I am having so much fun looking at these old photos again.  She is now 22 with a daughter of her own and as you can see I am quite a bit behind.  These photos are from the fall of 1996, I wish I had more "leaf raking" shots.

This layout is created with the Cricut Heritage cartridge
This is a good basic cartridge with images that remind me of long ago days.  It features antiques, school desks, and classic buildings. 

Also the cartridge features many types of trees, fences, vehicles, silhouettes, and other family history shapes.  A great one to have in your Cricut Cartridge collection.

  • Cricut Cartridge: Heritage
  • Speed: Medium
  • Pressure: High
  • Blade Depth: #2
The background paper was traditional light-weight cardstock and the cutouts were made using a heavier-weight cardstock.

*Fence and Photo Corners Cutout Details
The <Fence1> cutout has a larger post at one end and you will want that larger post to be on the outside when place on either side of the <School>. To do this you will have to cut two of each color. If your paper is colored or textured the same on both sides, use the button 2 times on the same piece of cardstock: <Fence1> <Fence1>. If your paper is colored or textured only on one side, using the same piece of paper in the Cricut cut: <Fence1> and when it is finished use the Flip Key and <Fence1>. This will cut out a flip of <Fence1> with posts on each end.

The <Accent9> cutout is used to frame each corner of each photo.  You can cut the 4 of each color needed in one step, using Shift key 4x as follows: Shift Key, Accent9 Key, Shift Key, Accent9 Key, Shift Key, Accent9 Key, Shift Key, Accent9 Key.
Choose a background piece of 12"x12" cardstock; adhere to the base cardstock piece by using the adhesive sparingly.
Step 1
School: Cut one <School>, pg 36, using Picture Key Only, Size 5", My color choice: White.
School: Cut one <School>, pg 36, using Shadow Key, Size 5", My color choice: Burgundy.
Step 2
Glue the Intricate School cutout (White) to the Shadow cutout (Burgundy) and adhere it to the center of your scrapbook page. *Next is the fence, before you cut it refer to the hints above.
Step 3

*Fence: Cut one <Fence1>, pg 43, using Picture Key Only, Size 2", My color choice: White.
*Fence: Cut one <Fence1>, pg 43, using Shadow Key, Size 2", My color choice: Yellow.
Glue the Intricate Fence Cutouts (White) to the Shadow Cutouts (Yellow) and adhere them to either side of the School, overlapping a bit, making sure the large post is on the outside.
 Step 4
*Photo Corners: You need four of each of the cardstock colors you choose. One color will be glued to each photo. Cut four <Accent9>, pg 62, using Shift Key, Size 2". My color choices: White, Yellow, Burgundy, Green.
Glue each photo corner to the photos as shown.  I glued the photos to the cardstock first, then glued each frame to each corner. 
Step 5
Scroll: For scrapbook layout notes, Cut one <Prchmnt1>, pg 31, using Shift Key, Size 3 1/2". My color choice: White.
Scroll: Cut one <Prchmnt1>, pg 31, using Shadow Key and Shift Key, Size 3 1/2". My Color Choice: Burgundy.
Step 6
Glue the White scroll to the Burgundy scroll then adhere it to the bottom center of the scrapbook layout.
Step 7
Pen: Cut one <Quill>, pg 30, using Shift Key, Size 2 1/2", My color choice: Burgundy.
Pen: Cut one <Quill>, pg 30, using Shift Key and Shadow Key, Size 2 1/2", My color choice: White.
Glue the Burgundy pen to the White pen and adhere it just above the scroll.
Step 8
Embellishments: To add interest I added a few small buttons to the layout. One on the Quill base and more on the school house top. I also added a small stick-on Flower to the scroll's upper edge.
Just to make sure:
In my effort to instruct the beginning Cricut Machine user, I want to make sure the reader knows that each cutout desired has a specific keyboard key, the large pictures on the left in the booklet are what you will see on the key.  It can get confusing as the cutout will change depending on the combination of keys used.  The keyboard key is often used alone as well as in combination with other key such as shadow or layer. In my step by step instructions, I will refer to it as the Picture Key. When I use "Picture Key" I mean for you to use the cutout's keyboard key only.
When combinations of keys are used, although not specifically mentioned, the Picture Key is always used.

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  1. This looks grand! I like seeing old pictures of when I was a child... and i've considered buying that heritage cartridge. I love what you did with it

  2. Thank you, it was fun to make. Keep following as I continue my daughter's scrapbook.


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