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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy to Make Cricut Card Idea: Congratulations

Hopefully I will have more time now to create more cards and scrapbook layouts. Here is a very special card I created for my niece.

Click on the link below for easy directions on how to create this card:

Easy to Make Cricut Card Idea: Congratulations

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  1. First of all love the green and purple combo! How fun for your niece!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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