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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unexpected Bargains

It is a bright and sunny day here in northeastern New York state.  While it looks inviting and warm outside, the temperature is almost 40 degrees F; however, there is a stiff and chilling wind blowing.  Back inside I go...

Earlier, before I went downstairs to my scrapbooking table, I needed to go out and do some errands.  I stopped by Big Lots for a couple of things and discovered a small area stocked with some basic scrapbooking supplies...who knew Big Lots would have this in their stores.  I was able to grab a textured paper stack of warm, rich Fall colors, 25 pieces, for only $3.  What a great bargain.

Now it's time to create!

In the meantime, here are a few of the Shambhala bracelets I've been creating when not making cards, tags, and layouts.

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