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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Scrapbook Layout for March 31, 2011

With 12" of snow coming tomorrow it was fun to create a summer page for my daughter's scrapbook. 
 For this layout I used my all-time favorite cartridge, Simply Charmed.  I've found with my limited "library" of cartridges at this point in my Cricut "life", that this cartridge has all of the events, holidays, and special occasions needed for fun scrapbook layouts and cards made with my Cricut machine.
For the frames around the pictures I used the Don Juan cartridge which came with my Cricut Create machine.  I find this cartridge has alot of frames for scrapbook layouts.  I like that Provocraft included the Don Juan cartridge with the machine to get me started.

Pressure: Max
Speed: Medium
Blade Depth: 2

I used lighter weight cardstock for the top puzzle pieces as they were not too intricate, and I used a heavier weight cardstock for the smaller pieces.  I find that a heavier weight cuts better, especially on smaller cutouts.

Because the photos are all different size, I won't list mine; however, I created a guide for you to follow, I've listed the finished "windows" created from certain sized frames in the "puzzle" shapes.  Use the Don Juan cartridge, cut two of each-one patterned and one solid colored cardstock.  When you adhere them to your layout, offset the patterned one just a bit to add an interesting touch.
<Charm>, page 70, Puzzle Key, No Other Keys
  • Frame 3 1/2" = Approx 2" Photo Window
  • Frame 4" = 2 1/4" Photo Window
  • Frame 4 1/2" = 2 1/2" Photo Window
  • Frame 5" = 2 3/4" Photo Window
  • Frame 5 1/2" = 3" Photo Window
Step by Step Instructions:
I used a bright sunny yellow printed cardstock for the background and adhered it to the base cardstock material.    

I cut out one solid color and one patterned color piece for each photo. A guide to frame window size is located above.
 Adhere the photo to the back of the solid cutout using a thin bead of glue around the front of the photo
 Adhere the solid piece/photo to the yellow cardstock. Then adhere the patterned cutout on top.
 PAPER: Use the Simply Charmed Cartridge, Cut two <Paper>, pg 53, Size 2 1/4", No other keys needed.
NOTES: Simply Charmed Cartridge, Cut two <Paper>, pg 53, Size 2 1/4", Word Key, then two <Paper>, pg 53, Size 2 1/4", Word Key and Shift Key.  Adhere finished cutout to scrapbook page.
 I LOVE SUMMER: Simply Charmed Cartridge, Cut one <Wtrmln>, pg 46, Real Dial, Size 1/2" (fit best on my layout), Word Key, No Shift. Cut one <Wtrmln>, pg 46, Real Dial, Size 1/2", Word Key, Shift Key. Adhere the finished cutout to scrapbook page.
 WATERMELON: Simply Charmed Cartridge, pg 46, Size 1". Cut two of each piece, No additional Keys. <Wtrmln1> Layer 1 (Rind), Green cardstock. Layer 2 (White Rind), White cardstock. Layer 3 (Red Watermelon), Red cardstock, Layer 4 (Cheeks & Shadowing), Pink cardstock, and Shadow (background) in a darker color. Adhere both watermelon cutouts to scrapbook page.
 ICE CREAM CONE: Simply Charmed Cartridge, pg 44, Size 1". Cut two of each piece, No additional Keys, <IceCrm1> Layer 1 (Cone Top), Dark Pink Cardstock, Layer 2 (Icecream), Pink cardstock, Layer 3 (Shadowing), White cardstock, Layer 4 (Cheeks), Red cardstock, and Shadow (Cone bottom), Brown cardstock. Adhere each piece to the other starting with Shadow cutout and layer on top. Adhere to yellow cardstock.
SUN: Simply Charmed Cartridge, pg 50, Size 1". Cut two of each piece <Sun2>. Use Shift Key. When you cut 2 at the same time, be sure to use Shift Key right before the Sun key. For instance, Shift/Sun Key/Shift/ Sun Key. Layer 1 (Sun), Dk Blue cardstock, Layer 2 (Sun front), yellow cardstock. Layer 3&4 (Cheeks) too small to cutout, draw instead. Shadow (Sun background & rays) Dk Yellow / Orange cardstock.
  • For the sun I wanted a darker background because my base paper was yellow, so I cut two additional Shadow cutouts using a 1 1/4" size.
For each cutout you have usually two choices as shown on the Sun page. I did cutout one pair of sunglasses: For Layer 1 I used Sun Key, Shift, Sun Key.
  • FINISHED PAGE: A nice sunny portrayal of a summer day
This is a very easy and fun to make scrapbook layout.  Try it or one like it.  Use your favorite colors.

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