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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Scrapbook Layout

I have been working steadily on a scrapbook for my daughter.  Each page represents a moment in her life and I've tried to arrange the pages with a theme.  Before I owned a Cricut Machine, I was trimming paper to be backgrounds for the pictures and the layouts didn't have alot of extra embellishments.  From now on, my layouts should be much improved.
I find that with most cuts, especially the intricate ones, that a heavier weight cardstock works much better.
Because of the varied sizes of photos, I used the Real Dial Size key when I specifically wanted an embellishment cutout to be a certain size.

For this layout I used the Winter Woodland cartridge because of the Christmas theme.

For the Santa Claus I used the Simply Charmed cartridge because I really wanted a Santa on the layout.

Blade Depth: 2
Pressure: High
Speed: Med

To begin, I used a heavy piece of cardstick for the "anchor" page.  The printed background paper was too light to use alone.
Using the Zots Clear Adhesive Dots very sparingly, I affixed the large background page to the heavy cardstock.

For the various photos I used a Snowflake for a background, sizing each one to be just a bit bigger than the picture.
Here is an example of a layout for one of the photos.
  • I used <Snowflk4>, page 35.  
  • Shadow/Blackout key
  • Real Dial Size key
  • NO shift key.  
I find that it is easier to use the Real Dial Size key to get the accurate sizing to accommodate the picture.   The photo is 4", and the two backgrounds are 4 3/4" and 5".

Here is an example of one of the Snowflake embellishments.  To keep the sizing correct for each piece I didn't use the Real Dial Size, just set the size for 3 1/2". The Cricut Machine sizes accordingly:  I combined a bit on this design:
  • Use <Snowflk1>, page 32
    • Shadow/Blackout, No Shift key, for the larger background. 
  • For the angular background, use <Snwfl4-s>, page 35
    • Shift Key. 
  • For smaller background, use <Snowflk4>, page 35
    • No other keys.
  • For snowflake itself, use <snowflk4>, page 35
    • Layers Key

The Santa was so much fun to make.  I made him 2" size.  If you don't have the Simply Charmed Cartridge, a stamp could be used.
  • Use <Santa>, page 64.  Simply Charmed Cartridge.   Make each part according to the directions on the page.
    • Layer 1, No Shift Key
    • Layer 2, No Shift Key
    • Layer 3, No Shift Key
    • Layer 4, No Shift Key
    • Shadow, No Shift Key

  • Use <Cap>, page 48.  Winter Woodland Cartridge
    • <Cap>, page 65, Shadow/Blackout Key, No Shift Key
    • <Cap>, page 65, No other keys
    • <Cap-s>, page 65, Shift Key

  • Use <Gloves>, page 49. Winter Woodland Cartridge
    • <Gloves>, page 48, Shadow/Blackout
    • <Gloves>, page 48, No Other Keys
    • <Gloves-s>, page 48, Shift Key
    • <Gloves>, page 48, Layers Key

  • Use <Snwoman>, page 47, Winter Woodland Cartridge
    • <Snwoman>, page 48, Shadow/Blackout
    • <Snwoman>, page 48, No Other Keys
    • <Snwoman-s>, page 48, Shift Key
    • <Snwoman>, page 48, Layers Key

 I used the Simply Charmed Cartridge for the candycanes and the sentiment "Merry Christmas"
  • <CandyCne>, page 63
    • <CandyCne>, page 63, Layer 1, No Shift Key
    • <CandyCne>, page 63, Layer 2, No Shift Key
    • <CandyCne>, page 63, No Other Keys
  • Merry Christmas, page 64, Size 1".  You cut two so that one can offset the other with colors
    • <Santa>, page 64, Real Dial Size Key, Word Key
    • <Santa>, page 64, Real Dial Size Key, Word Key, Shift Key

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