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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Easy to Make Scrapbook Layout for Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Thursday and another rainy day in upstate NY, perfect for continuing with my daughter's scrapbook.  I'm only on year 10 so I have a long way to go and hopefully you'll enjoy the following pages as my technique with my Cricut Create grows.

This scrapbook layout has a theme of fall, apple picking, Halloween, and Girl Scouting. I had so many photos to include in this layout I decided on three simple cutouts using my Circut Personal Cutting Machine; a pizza slice, a star, and a beachball.
I used my Center Point button on the Cricut to determine the exact center of the photo. I wanted to have the shape cut out around. It is a simple process-you place the cutting blade on the Cricut Machine to be in the middle of the photo area and it will cut around that area in the shape you decide on.
The scrapbooking cardstock I used was a simple white cardstock which has a textured pattern. In fact, I use that same cardstock for my test cutouts. That is something I recommend before you attempt a cutout on a more expensive piece of scrapbooking cardstock. The white cardstock can be purchased in a pad form at any scrapbook supply store or the craft department of a department store.
Cricut Cartridge: Simply Charmed
Blade Depth: #2
Pressure: High
Speed: Medium
Paper: 12"x12" printed cardstock from DCWV "Stack 7"
For the rectangular photos I used my Provocraft Scissors #34-0004 to cut a scalloped edge for a more interesting look.  I have three different types of these scissors to cut edges.

Step by Step
Step 1
CIRCLE cutout: Use the <Beachbal>, pg 51 using Shift and Beachball key. Cut the photo 1/4" smaller than the background cutout, for example a 3 1/4" photo will need a 3 1/2" layer behind it, and 1/4" added to additional layers if needed.
Step 2
PIZZA cutout: Use the <Pizza>, pg 76 using just the Pizza key. Again, cut each photo to desired size, then the backgrounds 1/4" larger.
Step 3
STAR cutout: Use the <Star>, pg 68 using just the Star key.

CRAYONS: for each box:
Step 4
Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" using Shadow and Crayonbx key. Color is White cardstock. This will cutout the background bottom layer
Step 5
Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" using Crayonbx key only. Color is Green Cardstock for the open box flap and "Crayola" name.
Step 6

Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" using Layer 1 & Crayonbx key. Color Red cardstock for the red crayon and face cheeks.
Step 7
Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" using Layer 2 & Crayonbx key. Color Blue cardstock for the blue crayon.
Step 8 
Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" using Layer 2 & Crayonbx key. Color Yellow cardstock for the yellow crayon.
Step 9
Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" using Layer 3 & Crayonbx key. Color Red cardstock for the bottom layer of Box front & small Bars on crayons.
Step 10
Cut one <CrayonBx>, pg 52, Size 2" Using Layer 4 and Crayonbx key. Color Tan cardstock for the front of the crayon box.
Step 11
Assemble and adhere together the crayon box as shown. Shadow Layer, Green Flap, the three Crayons, Red under layer, then box front. Adhere together, then add the "Crayola" name to the front.

TREES- For each tree:
Step 12
Cut one <Tree1>, pg 55, 2" using tree1 key. This will cutout the Green Tree shape.
Step 13
Cut one <Tree1>, pg 55, 2" using Layer 2 & tree1 key. This will cutout the Brown Tree trunk.
Step 14
Cut one <Tree1>, pg 55, 2" using Layer 3 and tree1 key. This will cutout the small flowers. I used red cardstock to depict Apples on the tree.
Step 15
Assemble and adhere the tree with the trunk on top of the green shape and the "apples" on the green cutout.
Step 16
On each of the photographs you can choose to ink small dots around each background layer for added interest.

The rectangular photos and backgrounds were hand cut with my ProvoCraft scissors; however you can use the Cricut Cutting Machine to cut a rectangular shape also.

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