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A Homemade Card, like ones I make with my Cricut Machine, gives recipients a special feeling, they know I planned ahead for their special occasion and took the time and care to create a greeting card just for them. I have sent out many of the cards featured in this blog and I get wonderful thank you's back, expressing how nice it was to receive a beautiful and homemade card.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Note: This post was supposed to appear on Friday but I think Blogger had a problem.

An elegant but easy to make Wedding Invitation can be created using your Cricut Personal Cutting Machine in a very short time. Once you have decided or know which color combination to use, the cutouts are very simple and the layers needed for each finished cutout are necessary for the finished look.
I used an elegant shiny paper from K&Company, highlighted with gold accents. The cardstock was a 12"x12" scrapbook layout standard size so I used my Cricut Personal Cutting Machine to cut out the shapes in areas of the carstock that I needed. 

It was alot of fun to design this card and I think the finished project came out very nice.


Cricut Cartridge: Sweethearts
Blade Depth: #2
Pressure: High (because of the heavier foiled cardstock)
Speed: Medium

Cut a background piece of cardstock that is 4 1/8" x 5 1/4" big.
For the Bells
Cut one <Bells>, pg 56, 3" using Bells key. This will give you the tan bell layer. Bend the bell clanger up and cut if you want the next layer to peek thru.
Cut one <Bells>, pg 56, 3" using Layer and Bells key. This will give you the patterned bell layer with a cutout to show the bell inside and clanger.
Cut one <Bells>, pg 56, 3" using the Shadow and Bells key. This will give you the bottom layer- the clanger will show thru if you cut it out.
To assemble the bell, adhere to the shadow layer the tan layer then the top patterned layer. Adhere the finished bell to the center of the card.
For the doves & hearts
Cut one each of <Dove>, pg 56, 1" using the Shadow, Shift, and Dove key.
Cut one each of <Dove>, pg 56, 1" using the Layers, Shift, and Dove key.
Cut one each of <Dove>, pg 56, 1" using the Blackout, Shift, and Dove key.

To cutout the doves facing each other, repeat Step 4 using the Flip key with each of the three cutouts. This will give you a dove facing the opposite way; the two doves will face each other.
To assemble the Doves from bottom to top layer: Shadow then Blackout, then Layers. Adhere the doves facing each other with hearts at their heads at the top right and left of the card.
Cut one <Chair>, pg 41, 1" using the Phrase and Chair keys. This will give you the intricate "You're Invited". For a best result with no fraying, put the paper upside down on the sticky mat then use the Flip Key for the phrase to come out correctly.
Cut one <Chair-s>, pg 41, 1" using the Phrase, Shift, and Chair keys. This will give you the background for the "You're Invited" phrase.
Assemble the phrase and adhere it to the bottom of your card
Hand Tie a small cream colored bow and adhere it in between the two doves at the top of the card.

This would be a card you could create in multiples once you have decided on the colors.
As usual my Cricut Essentials Kit was a necessity for this project.

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  1. This is a great card! That cartridge is a must have.

  2. Definitely..I have a limited amount of cartridge, just starting out, but the Sweethearts cartridge is used often.


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